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Taking care of yourself while taking care of others is possible! While you can't always choose your path to mental health, you can always choose yours.

We invite you to go for a walk on your own and make a donation for mental health. Whether it's a walk in the city, in the woods or by the water, no matter where you live, you can plan a long hike or rack up the miles on several short walks during your lunch break!

And why not plan an outing with friends or co-workers and make a collective donation.

Because going for a walk is already a good start!

I want to donate to Relief


The benefits of walking are not limited to physical health. Walking also helps to reduce anxiety, decrease depressive symptoms, prevent the risk of developing an anxiety or mood disorder, increase self-esteem and lead to a more balanced lifestyle. All good reasons to put aside your screen for a walk and care for your mental health. Learn more about the benefits of walking on mental health.

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Discover the Relief walking backpack, a backpack that will take care of you and accompany you along the way!


Whatever path you take, it is important to get to know yourself. It may seem obvious, but it isn't always. That's why we've created podcasts so you can learn more about what you're going through and the resources and self-management strategies available to you.

living with anxiety and depression


Petrona Joseph, author of the bestseller "Stigmatized - Breaking the Silence and Demystifying Mental Illness," shares her journey with Édouard Murat, the mental health worker at Relief. Petrona shares her personal moments and the tools that have helped her better navigate the ups and downs of her mental health, including the self-management approach. An inspiring discussion that emphasizes the importance of asking for help and taking care of yourself!

fulfilling life beyond mental illness


Florence K, a Quebec artist living with bipolarity, talks about her mental health journey, looking back at moments from her personal and professional life and the important lessons that helped give her better insight into her mental health.



 your well-being, our mission

Your mental health is yours, and your choices are yours. You can choose the behaviours that best suit you to promote your well-being and quality of life because you are the experts in your mental health.

how to prepare for a walk?

The first thing to plan for is where you will walk (your route) and how many kilometres you will walk. You may have already decided to walk alone, in a team or with your pet.


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Another important thing to bring is your equipment.

Remember to bring a bottle of water, a snack, a cap, sunglasses, headphones (to listen to our podcasts), a mackintosh, and of course, good shoes.


Some people also feel the need to set themselves a personal challenge and aim for a certain distance to be covered, which can be achieved by doing shorter distances before the day and gradually increasing the number of kilometres. This type of training is particularly recommended if walking is not part of your daily routine or if you have set yourself a high goal.

But keep in mind that this is not an Olympic challenge! Over-achieving is not good for your mental health. Fun does. You can reduce the number of kilometres you set at the beginning, and it will still be a success.

Because every step counts for your mental health. Even the smallest ones.

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