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Relief for business

Relief offers services to companies and organizations based in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada to support them in creating a healthy, balanced and safe work environment with respect to mental health. The Relief for business program is tailored to senior management, managers, and employees, and features a combination of awareness, training, information, support and intervention, philanthropy, and cutting-edge research.

Chief objectives of the Relief for business program

  • To continually support the organization through all its ups and downs (staff retention, engagement, movement, etc.);

  • To foster a bias-free work environment and encourage internal dialogue about mental health and burnout;

  • To support managers and employees in adopting behaviours that improve work balance and quality of life;
  • To lead employees toward accountability for their wellness or their recovery process;

  • To offer self-management support at all levels of the company or organization (leadership, managers and employees).

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Cossette | $ 10,000.00
9180-6034 Québec inc. | $ 200.00
Ms. Anie-Claude Lamarche | $ 250.00
Mr. Paul Simard | $ 100.00