media kit

would you like to use our logo?

By using Relief`s logo, you not only help to promote our brand, but also highlight the importance of talking about mental health.

To request a logo, contact [email protected] to receive our media kit, which includes our logo in different formats, the most frequently requested visuals and our graphic chart.


our visual identity

Relief [rɪˈliːf]. The easing of a pain, distress or anxiety.

It`s also the name we gave ourselves. And we`re proud of it.

It symbolizes the winding road of mental health, with its highs and lows.

When you live with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, you feel upside down or in distressed. That`s why the first "e" of our logo is inverted.

With the support of Relief, we learn to live with our own version of relief through daily strategies and behaviours that promote our well-being. Therefore, we feel more equipped to continue on the path of mental health.

Our gaze straightens, turned towards the future, like the second "e" in our logo.