fundraising for relief

how to organize a fundraising activity for Relief? 

Do you want to become a mental health advocate and support the cause? Thanks to you, we can do more for people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, and their loved ones. For every $40 raised, one person is provided with tools to face the high and lows of mental health.

phase 1 : planning

Define the concept:

Refine your formula, choose the date, time and location of the event.

By doing an activity you care about, it will be easier to mobilize your family, friends, colleagues and community.

Do you need a permit or insurance to carry out your project? If you plan to offer alcohol or make a draw, you must obtain a license by contacting the Liquor, Racing and Gaming Authority (RACJ). If necessary, obtain permits for your activity with the city you live in.   

Determine your target audience:

Who will be involved in your activity? Friends, family, colleagues? Make sure you have an activity that will mobilize them. 

Set a realistic financial goal:

Determine the expenses required to complete your activity as well as the potential revenues. This will allow you to evaluate the financial purpose of your fundraiser.

Determine all possible income options: ticket sales, items or food, voluntary contributions from participants, etc.

It is better to set a conservative financial goal and exceed it than to set goal that is too high and not be able to achieve it. 

Plan your time:

After setting the date of your activity, identify all the steps. This will allow you to determine the tasks to be completed and the skills required to achieve your goal. Don't prepare your activity at the last minute, as you may run out of time and fail to reach your goals.

Surround yourself:

Involve your network in organizing your activity. Create a committee of mobilized people with of a variety of talents (communications, funding/budget, logistics, etc.).

Identify partners that will allow you to carry out your project. Do you know a person or organization that can make a loan of equipment, space, etc.? Can your employer get involved or support you? Do you need sponsors to carry out your project?

phase 2 : promotion

Share your activity:

Relief will share a media kit that you can use for your project's communication tools. 

Prepare your promotion and sponsorship plan. Where would you like to promote your project? On social media, via your employer's newsletter or intranet, etc.? 

Don't hesitate to revive your network and do personalized follow-ups

Following the analysis of the project, Relief could promote your activity on its fundraising platform. If so, Relief will ask for an image that represents your activity. This will serve as a visual on your event page.

phase 3 : project closure

Announce the results of your activity:

Announce publicly the amount you managed to raise with your activity through the communications tools you used to do the promotion.

Give back the money raised:

To facilitate this step, make sure that all contributions are made through Relief’s funding platform. It makes it easier to issue tax receipts.

For any donation of $40 or more, Relief will be able to issue a tax receipt as long as each donor provides their name and contact information.

Thank your network:

Thank everyone who has participated or contributed to your project: partners, sponsors, family, friends, colleagues and your community.

would you like to organise a fundraiser?

Please contact Evelyne Pelletier via email or at 438 469-7436.


donate for
mental health

Mental health is everyone’s business.

One out of five people will experience a mental health problem in the course of their lives. This figure is likely to rise with the difficult period we are currently going through. Relief saw a 30% increase in requests from people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity in 2020 alone. Your donations allow us to expand and improve our support services, in addition to making them accessible to all.

Thank you for taking care of us. We promise to take care of you.

Donate for our mental health