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During one’s lifetime, it’s normal to experience highs and lows. These ups and downs shape who we are and make us unique. For people living with anxiety, depression, or bipolarity - and their loved ones - these more troublesome episodes can seem like mountains. That’s why Relief exists: to help you live with your own version of relief. Every day. Because having the tools to take charge of your own mental health means you’re already on the right path.

your donation helps a person to...

Receive free support from our team by meeting with a mental health worker in person or virtually by phone, messenger or email;

Have access to a support group;

Receive a discounted place in a self-management workshop (only for low-income people).

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why support Relief?

Relief advocates an innovative approach to mental health self-management, which has successfully built on people's individual skills to help them regain control over their mental health.

This approach enables people living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder to identify actions they can take to reduce their symptoms, prevent relapse and improve their well-being.

We often hear about waiting lists to see a psychologist or a doctor when free resources and support services are already accessible and available. That's why Relief exists: to provide you with a complementary service to therapeutic treatments and direct access to a mental health workers team. You don't have to wait any longer. You can take action before, during and after being added to a waiting list. Find out more about our support services at

At Relief, we want to normalize the fact that everyone experiences ups and downs and destigmatize the mental health taboos that one in five people in Quebec experience.

  • Every year, 1 in 4 people in Canada live with anxiety;
  • That's 1 in 2 people who don't get the help they need;
  • It is 60% of employees do not dare to talk about it for fear of being judged or the repercussions;
  • That's over 20,000 people waiting for mental health care.

At Relief, we know how to put an end to these statistics. And with your help, we can do more now.

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