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We are a « certified ordinary family » on a 2-year bike trip around the world since June 2021. We travel in complete autonomy. Our two daughters are 9 and 11 years old, they ride their own bike and carry their luggage.

We wish to develop our two daughters’ adaptability and strengthen their mental health, so they can build the life of their dreams as adults and inspire other ordinary families to take the leap (if we can do it, you can!).

Our type of journey and mental health are two closely related topics. Some people go on an adventure through depression to find themselves and get out of it. If they don’t always find themselves, they will find the tools, strategies, and energy to come out of it upon their return. Some found themselves and never came back to their old life…

Developing the adaptability of our children is even more important as it teaches them to face difficult challenges. They will have developed the resilience and mental discipline to fight them effectively. Learning these skills while struggling is a huge mountain to climb. We hope that by having learned this before, they will be better armed.

Several members of our family suffer from depression, anxiety and bipolarity. We are first line witnesses of their struggle, their suffering and the huge challenges they are facing. We, their loved ones, feel powerless to help them, but we keep trying as much as we can.

Relief support people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, as well as their loved ones, to keep them moving forward. We believe it is important to support local organizations that are directly involved in the field, like Relief.

Relief acts across Canada and has its offices in our neighbourhood, in Montreal, Quebec, therefore acts to help our loved ones and our community. It is natural that we choose them! For every $40 raised, one person is provided with tools to face the high and lows of mental health.

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Thank you to our partners who have mental health at heart

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