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why Relief is the right place for you

Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining Relief and using your experience to support people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity as well as their families.


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life at Relief

your well-being is ours

Your mental health comes first. We strongly believe that supporting people living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder starts with taking care of yourself. The responsibility of ensuring your well-being is not solely yours, and we are doing our part as an employer by placing your well-being at the center of our culture

an excellent team

Solidarity is not just one of our values. Our team embodies it every day. We help each other, and, as a result, we are able to accomplish things that we would not have been able to accomplish alone. We react quickly and adapt when necessary, and we never fail to celebrate our achievements!

your voice counts

Say goodbye to meetings with endless agendas that simply 'inform' the team of decisions made by upper management. At Relief, every voice counts. All team members are involved in the decision-making process. Your ideas are not only welcome but encouraged and acknowledged. Managers maintain an open door policy... and formalities are left at the door!

make a positive impact

Not only do our actions have a positive impact on the people we support, they also affect us, the humans behind Relief. Seeing the impact we have on the lives of the individuals we support on the road to mental health is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. This is what motivates us every day.

mental health guardians

Are you planning to work through your lunch break? You can count on our mental health guardians to remind you that it's time to eat. Our lunch breaks are sacred! We talk about all sorts of things... except work!

how are you? (really)

This simple question is at the heart of our exchanges. You will always find an ear ready to listen without judgment. We regularly talk about our mental health with one another and across all levels of management. At Relief, there are no taboos. We value your mental health experience as much as your professional experience.

a touch of humour

We take mental health seriously but that doesn't mean we can't have fun. Humour is very much a part of our team and it keeps us balanced. We've lost track of the number of GIFs we send each other on Teams... almost enough to make a feature film!


nuages Relief

your well-being at work

a schedule adapted to your needs

Our schedule is tailored to the ups and downs of life because we know there is more to life than work. You will find work-life balance, reduced hours and other accommodations as needed.

a break for your mental health

We offer one day off per season. A day just for you so you can take care of yourself and your mental health. Want to go hiking? Take part in an art project? Finish your to-do list? It’s yours to enjoy as you wish!

virtual healthcare services

Thanks to a partnership with TELUS Health, you will have access to their virtual healthcare services which provide access to several hundred multidisciplinary practitioners, allowing you to schedule consultations to discuss your mental and physical health.

a prime location

Our offices are located in the heart of the action, at the intersection of two major arteries in Montreal: Saint-Denis and Sherbrooke (just a stone's throw from the metro). Our offices are filled with bright, natural light.

a (more or less) healthy break

We would have liked to tell you that we have a catering service, but we are not there yet! Maybe one day, who knows? In the meantime, several team members regularly bring cakes, muffins and other "healthy" snacks!


take the journey with us.

Come and join our team!

mental health worker

Mental Health

co-facilitator of a self-management workshop (virtual or in person)

Mental Health

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