Relief launches its Relief at work program to promote mental health in the workplace

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Press release ― As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to amplify mental health issues and change the way we work, Relief is launching an innovative service for businesses and organizations in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada to promote mental health in the workplace.

In 2019, each week, approximately 500,000 Canadians missed work for mental health reasons. This number ballooned amid the pandemic, with Relief seeing a 30% increase in requests for help from people with anxiety, depression or bipolarity in 2020 alone.

Faced with this situation, many employers are feeling overwhelmed and lack the tools and support to create a work environment conducive to their employees’ well-being.

The Relief at Work program was created to meet this need at all levels of a business or organization, from executives to managers to employees.

“We can no longer afford to act like mental health isn’t an issue at work. In a business context, the self-management support approach makes people the main priority, without sacrificing profits. Employees, managers and executives alike will benefit from this innovative approach, which is offered alongside existing programs.” - Martin Enault, Chair of the Board of Directors, Relief

Relief at Work is a comprehensive program that combines awareness, education, philanthropy and leading-edge research. It’s also flexible and scalable, offering two options that can be tailored to the needs of each business or organization:

  • The Mental Health Advocate membership program, which involves an official commitment by a business’s or organization’s senior management to the well-being of its employees; and
  • The Mental Health Leader certification program, made up of various interventions (presentation, webinar, training, etc.), personalized coaching, and tools tailored to executives, managers and employees.

Businesses and organizations that sign up for the certification program will make a difference not only in the mental health of their employees, but also in the mental health of society as a whole, by making mental health support services universally available. In fact, 10% of the cost of the certification program will be reinvested in Relief’s free services, in addition to being eligible for a tax credit.

By promoting employee wellness, programs like Relief at Work also reduce the financial burden linked to mental health issues, absenteeism, presenteeism and employee turnover. The associated loss of productivity for Canadian businesses was estimated at $6 billion per year in 2011— a figure that, even before the pandemic, was projected to hit $16 billion per year within 20 years.

Investing in mental health is not only the right thing to do for society, it’s also a smart financial move, especially knowing that a healthy and happy workforce can lead to a 13% increase in productivity.

The Relief at Work program, which officially launches on Tuesday, September 7th, 2021, aims to reach as many businesses and organizations as possible across Canada.

about Relief

Relief, formerly known as Revivre, has been active in the field of mental health for over 30 years and supporting people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, and their loved ones. Over the years, Relief has become a centre of expertise and support in mental health, with a network of partners extending across Canada. Recognized as an authority and a leader in common mental disorders, Relief has developed a truly innovative social program in the form of its unique self-management support concept. Its bilingual services are a key component of the community services and support ecosystem.

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