Guy Latraverse passes away: Relief expresses its deep gratitude to a giant of Quebec.

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Guy Latraverse, Relief Founder


Montreal, 16 October 2023. - It is with deep sadness that Relief announces the death of its founder, Guy Latraverse, who played an active role as Chairman of the Board for more than 20 years and, for the last ten years, as Honorary Chairman. Guy Latraverse left an indelible mark on Relief and significantly contributed to demystifying mental illness in Quebec.

Martin Enault, who succeeded Guy Latraverse as President of Relief, expresses his sense of loss of a giant in both the entertainment and mental health fields: "We have lost one of the greatest builders of modern Quebec. But above all, we have lost an extraordinary person, and he certainly changed the lives of countless people, including my own.

Guy Latraverse was - quite rightly - the "father of Quebec show business," a true pioneer of the Quebec entertainment industry. According to Jean-Rémy Provost, Executive Director of Relief, for thousands of people, he was the one who opened the way by speaking publicly and unreservedly about mental illness at a time when no one dared discuss it. "Guy Latraverse was the first person in Quebec to dare to speak publicly about his experience with bipolar disorder, breaking many taboos in the process. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his exceptional commitment to destigmatisation and reducing prejudice.

Guy Latraverse's death is a considerable loss for Relief, but his legacy will live on. The organization will continue to carry on the legacy of its founder by offering support and self-management tools to people living with anxiety, depression or bipolar disorder, as well as to their loved ones, thus continuing Guy Latraverse's commitment and vision.

On behalf of Relief, we would like to express our deepest condolences to Guy Latraverse's family at this difficult time.


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