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would you like to promote your self-management workshops?

Discover Relief's promotional kit to help you promote your self-management workshops in your region.

social media posts

Use the image associated with each workshop theme to facilitate your promotion strategy on your social media.

living with anxiety




3 tips for your social media posts:

  1. Add text to your social media visual by mentioning the following information about your self-management workshop: dates, schedule and contact information register.
  2. Create a call to action to guide your audience to the most direct point of contact to register to your self-management workshop: by phone, email, or on your registration web page.
  3. Optional: add to tag Relief's Facebook page.  


information sheet

Access to information about self-management is critical to the decision to attend a self-management workshop. To help you explain the process to someone interested in participating, Relief has produced an information sheet that describes the self-management approach and how self-management workshop works. To enhance the communication of this tool, we invite you to explore the description of the content of each workshop and to find out more about self-management.


frequently asked questions 

does the J’avance! program continue to exist? 

The use of the term "J’avance! program" is no longer used in our communications. The five self-mangement workshops are now part of our service offering. They are simply referred to as the "Relief Self-Management Workshops".

preferred terms terms to avoid
  • Relief Self-Management Workshops
  • Workshops designed by Relief 
  • Living with (thematic) workshop
  • The (thematic) Self-Management Workshop 
  • J’avance! workshops
  • Self-Management Workshops from the J’avance! program 
  • Revivre's workshops
  • My Relief's workshops


will the animation materials be changed?

Yes. The facilitator's guide and participants workbooks will have a new layout.

As with any change, there is a transition period during which our old visual and the new will coexist. In both cases, the content remains validated and up-to-date.

As new guides and booklets become available, Relief will inform you.

what happens if I have a facilitator's guide with the old visual, but only the facilitator's guides with the new visual are available? 

If you need facilitator's guides and they are only available with the new Relief brand image while you have the old Revivre image guides, you can get the new guides. Relief will offer a discount for those who will have to go through this transition for a limited time.

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