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Does your organization work with clients living with anxiety or mood disorders? Would you like to add self-management support to your group intervention toolkit by offering one of our workshops to people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity?

To make self-management support available to as many people as possible throughout Quebec, Relief offers you:

  • Training on self-management support for people working in mental health within your organization who will go on to facilitate self-management workshops
  • Sales of the material required to facilitate the face-to-face workshops (facilitator’s guide and participants’ weekly workbooks)
  • Support for managers and facilitators to ensure the success of your self-management workshops

When you partner with Relief, you join an extensive network of organizations from the public, community and private sectors. Approximately 60 of our partners are currently offering the workshops in different regions of Quebec, including integrated health and social services centres (CISSS), integrated university health and social services centres (CIUSSS), community organizations, family medicine groups or clinics, private companies offering employee assistance programs or working in the health field (e.g., rehabilitation), employers, unions and insurers. In some regions, partnerships have even been established between CISSS and community organizations to be able to offer self-management workshops jointly.


The J'avance! program becomes...

Initially developed in 2010, the J’avance! program for self-managing anxiety, depression and bipolarity consists of five self-management workshops that are at the core of our mission and our services.

The workshops have been offered by Relief for the past 10 years, and made available on a large scale since 2014 through a network of some 77 partner organizations across different regions of Quebec.


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offering a self-management workshop 

If you are an organization with a clientele living with anxiety or mood disorders, it may be helpful and beneficial to offer them a group intervention based on self-management support, using the approach and materials featured in our workshops.

To be able to offer your first self-management workshop, you need only follow a simple two-step process:

step 1: train your facilitators

At least two of your facilitators must first complete our training on self-management support, and correspond to the recommended profile.

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IMPORTANT - Our training events are ongoing. Due to public health guidelines, we have chosen to hold them via video conference.

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step 2 : order your materials

Once your facilitators have been trained, you can order your materials to be able to offer one or more of our self-management workshops. Sales of materials are reserved for partner organizations offering the workshops.


prices (taxes not included)

1 facilitator’s guide


2 facilitator’s guides on the same theme


15-copy set for participants, including weekly workbooks, toolkit and certificate of participation


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step 3  : promote your workshop 

Relief is there for you beyond training and purchasing materials. 

Once your workshops are planned, you can use the visuals and some promotional tools from the Relief kit. For more visibility, advertise your workshops in the directory of partners offering self-management workshops.

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other available services 

Upon request, we can travel to form complete teams (groups of 8 to 16).

We also offer customized workshops and talks on self-management strategies, mental health issues, mental health and work, etc.

IMPORTANT - Our services are ongoing. Due to public health guidelines, we have chosen to provide our services via video conference.

Interested or questions? Please contact us via email.


self-management workshops

what is self-management?

Self-management refers to taking action to regain control over our mental health through daily behaviours that diminish symptoms, help prevent relapses and improve well-being. A self-management approach does not replace conventional treatment, but can be a very effective complement to psychotherapy and pharmacotherapy.

what does a self-management workshop actually consist of?

A self-management workshop is a group based psychoeducational intervention. Each workshop is composed of 10 to 15 participants and lasts 10 to 12 weeks, with a 2.5-hour meeting each week. Participants complete exercises and reflections at home, engage in group discussions in the workshop, and have access to resources (organized by topic).

who are the self-management workshops for?

  • Anyone 18 years of age or older living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity. No diagnosis is required, except for the Living with Bipolarity workshop.
  • The intensity of symptoms can vary widely, from mild to severe.
  • To participate, an individual must find that the signs and manifestations of their anxiety, depression or bipolarity sufficiently affect their well-being and functioning to justify spending a total of 25 hours in a group workshop.

how many participants are required in order to hold a self-management workshop?

We recommend starting off a group when there are 8 to 15 participants, in order to be able to reproduce the desired group effect even if a few participants withdraw along the way.

training on self-management support

what does the training consist of?

The training is seven hours long and introduces the concepts and fundamentals of self-management support for mental health. The approach is theoretical and lecture-based, but also includes role-play scenarios drawn from the self-management workshops.

why is training required to be able to facilitate the self-management workshops?

We want to ensure that the workshop is offered as originally designed, regardless of where it is held in Quebec or by which organization. The self-management workshops have undergone rigorous content validation by a committee of experts. 

workshop co-facilitation

who can facilitate the workshops?

Mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, psychoeducators, occupational therapists, nurses, and trained workers can lead our self-management workshops. It may also be appropriate to offer co-facilitation by a professional and a certified peer helper. Please consult the recommended profile for details.

why is co-facilitation required?

Co-facilitation is recommended and is standard practice for most programs involving recurrent mental-health group interventions. Among other things, co-facilitation helps to manage difficult situations within the group.