Self-management is more than just an “approach” — it is the very DNA of Relief. It is the basis of all the services we offer to help you learn to live with anxiety, depression or bipolarity — and to regain control over your mental health.

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We offer several services to help you live with anxiety, depression or bipolarity. Whichever path you choose, our approach remains unchanged: to support you in your self-management efforts.

support groups

Every week, you can take part in free support groups led by mental health professionals. This flexible service gives you help when you need it, depending on the ups and downs in your life.

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self-management workshops

We offer self-management workshops to help you learn to live with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, as well as to improve a better self-esteem or achieve a better workplace balance. These 10-to-12-week workshops give you the opportunity to apply strategies and behaviours that contribute to your daily well-being.

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training in self-management support

Are you employed by an organization that works with people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity? Would you like to take self-management support training to be able to lead one of our workshops? Then this training is for you!

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give self-management workshops

Does your organization work with people living with anxiety or mood disorders? Would you like to be able to offer self-management workshops? When you partner with Relief, you join an extensive network that makes self-management support available throughout Quebec.

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