une brèche à l'anxiété

did you recognize yourself? or someone close to you?

You are at the right place.

You can count on our team to support you in your first steps and in those that will follow.

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learning more about anxiety,
it's already being on the right path!

It can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why our team created a non-exhaustive list of resources to consult:

What is anxiety? What are the most common disorders? And what are the signs and symptoms

How can I help a loved one who is living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity?

3 Tips for Helping a Loved One Living with Anxiety, Depression or Bipolarity

how our team can support you through the ups and downs?

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Getting better my way 

living with anxiety and have a good quality of life, is possible.

One way to do this is to have the right tools to guide you in your daily behavioural choices. That's why the self-management approach exists: to take back control of your mental health.

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How can you look after your mental health with self-management?

What are the benefits of mental health self-management?


discover more stories 

We invite you to listen to and read the relief of people living with anxiety, which remind us with kindness that understanding it is already being on the right path.

Personnage Louise

the diary of Louise

Like you, Louise has her highs and lows. But these days, it's pretty intense. Louise lives with anxiety, but she doesn't know it yet. Each week, Louise writes in her diary. It makes her feel better. We hope her words will do the same for you.

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l'anxiété, au 21e siècle
Léonie and Noah, two university students, have been a couple for a few months. During their graduation gala to mark the end of Léonie's baccalaureate, she has a panic attack on stage, where she will be expressly confronted with her anxiety. Thus, she will begin her journey to better understand herself. A journey that, despite Noah's empathy and good intentions, will put their relationship to test. Will Léonie be able to transcend her repetitive worries through her dance? Émile Roy slips through this poignant and universal story to analyze anxiety, performance culture and social pressure in the 21st century.


le courage d’en parler
C'est en toute intimité que Pierre Craig, journaliste et ancien présentateur de l'émission « La Facture », partage son chemin en santé mentale. Vivant avec des crises de panique, Pierre partage ses anecdotes sans tabou avec un optimisme contagieux!

vivre avec l'anxiété
Vivant avec l’anxiété, Martin Binette, entrepreneur et consultant en santé mentale organisationnelle, partage son chemin avec Lauriane, intervenante chez Relief. Martin nous raconte ses moments de vie personnels et professionnels et les outils qui l'ont aidée à mieux naviguer les hauts et les bas de sa santé mentale, dont l’approche de l’autogestion. Une discussion inspirante et bienveillante qui rappelle l’importance de demander de l’aide et de prendre soin de soi.

le chemin de Mariève
Mariève partage son chemin et ses peurs, ainsi que l'importance de l'acceptation pour aller mieux. 

autogestion et voyage à vélo :
un parallèle

Mathieu Meunier partage son chemin rempli d'apprentissages, de bienveillance et d'espoir.

le chemin de Lauriane
Lauriane partage son chemin en brisant les tabous autour de son diagnostique et partage les stratégies qui l'aide à prendre soin de sa santé mentale.