L'anxiété, au 21e siècle

what is l'anxiété, au 21e siècle?

A 50-minute medium-length film in a new genre that mixes fiction and reality and offers a personal analysis and in-depth reflection of anxiety with moving characters who evolve in Quebec culture in the 21st century.

"This may be the evil of the century. At 23, I inevitably notice it in my entourage. More and more of us live with anxiety, more and more often. We can point to the pandemic, which has not helped, but we need to go further. It’s time to start a big discussion about our culture and our times. About performance and social projection. It’s time to talk about mental health. That’s what we hope to do, in a positive way, with this film." - Émile Roy, filmmaker

Because continuing to move forward by breaking taboos and paving the way to make it accessible to all, is essential for our collective well-being.

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synopsis: l'anxiété, au 21e siècle

Léonie and Noah, two university students, have been a couple for a few months. During their graduation gala to mark the end of Léonie's baccalaureate, she has a panic attack on stage, where she will be expressly confronted with her anxiety. Thus, she will begin her journey to better understand herself. A journey that, despite Noah's empathy and good intentions, will put their relationship to test. Will Léonie be able to transcend her repetitive worries through her dance? Émile Roy slips through this poignant and universal story to analyze anxiety, performance culture and social pressure in the 21st century. 

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At 23, Émile Roy is a director, videographer and animator. To his credit: several short films, a web-series, a podcast with Radio-Canada, an immersive experience at the Palais des congrès de Montréal, dozens of documentary-format videos and fiction capsules broadcast on the Internet, on TV and at festivals. Through his various projects, Émile addresses the themes of resilience, the environment, literature, difference, dreams, love, the future, language, technology, and more. His projects accumulate more than 15 million total views.

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