Testimonials that do good!

Sometimes it feels good to hear from someone who is going through or has gone through the same things as you.

That's why our Relief podcast exists: to help you navigate the ups and downs of mental health.

We invite you to listen to people living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity, as well as their loved ones who remind us with kindness and gentleness that understanding it is already being on the right path.

living with anxiety and depression

Living with a panic disorder and depression, Petrona Joseph, author of the bestseller “Stigmatized - Breaking the Silence and Demystifying Mental Illness”, shares her journey with Édouard, mental health worker at Relief. Petrona shares her personal moments and the tools that have helped her better navigate the ups and downs of her mental health, including the self-management approach.

a fulfilling life beyond mental illness

Florence K, a Quebec artist living with bipolarity, talks about her mental health journey, looking back at moments from her personal and professional life and the important lessons that helped give her better insight into her mental health.


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