A first validation of the “Living with a better workplace balance” workshop

Relief is proud to announce that a new study has validated the “Living a better workplace balance” workshop for the first time ever. 

The study notes that “self-management support interventions may positively influence workers’ psychological health.” 

This finding comes to us from a group of researchers led by Sophie Meunier, a professor and researcher with the Department of Psychology at UQAM, after evaluating the workshop’s effects on participants who attended the workshop, offered by Relief or one of its partners (Le Pavois, L’Envol SRT and Le Rappel). 

According to the final report, 

“The results show a high level of satisfaction with the workshop as well as shedding light on its potential effects on anxiety and depression symptoms, self-management behaviours, worker self-esteem, well-being and functioning at work.” (page 31

study objectives

The main objective of the pilot project was to evaluate the potential effects of the workshop on the participants’ psychological functioning and well-being at work. More specifically, the research group focused on three areas: 

  1. Participants’ level of satisfaction with various aspects of the workshop;
  2. Effects on the workers’ functioning and recovery (e.g., self-management skills, level of well-being at work); and
  3. The strengths and limitations of the workshop, with a view to future iterations. 


Participants were invited to complete questionnaires at three points in the process: before the workshop (pre-test), after the workshop (post-test), and four months later (follow-up). 

A total of 85 participants completed the pre-test, 72 participants completed the post-test and 63 participants completed the follow-up questionnaire. 

In addition, a subsample of 20 participants took part in a 60-minute semi-structured interview to give their appraisal of the workshop and what could be improved. 

about the “Living with a better workplace balance at work” workshop

This 10-week workshop designed in 2013 by Relief and validated by a panel of experts is intended for anyone who has lived or is currently living with anxiety, depression or bipolarity and who wishes to improve their relationship to work. It consists of theory, hands-on exercises, discussions, and exercises to be done between each session in order to help participants take action to promote better mental health at work. The workshop is offered by Relief and a network of partners across Quebec. 

research team

  • Under the supervision of Sophie Meunier, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, UQAM.
  • With the collaboration of Janie Houle, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Psychology, UQAM; Marc Corbière, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Education and Pedagogy, UQAM and Research Chair in Mental Health and Work;
    and Simon Coulombe, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Industrial Relations, Université Laval and Relief Research Chair in Mental Health, Self-Management and Work - sponsored by Beneva. 

Explore the full report (French version)

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